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By Peter Baah December 26, 2020 0 comments

Dogswagi is a veteran owned business and online retailer for dog supplies. Dogswagi was born due to seeing dogs save lives in combat zones. These wonderful canines are trained in different specialties, such as sniffing bombs, detecting drugs, going out on patrol, and also apprehending and detaining enemy forces and suspects. Due to the sacrifice of these dogs and the veterans that handles them, Dogswagi is dedicated to providing affordable and quality dog supplies and accessories. One thing that’s not only cute but also very easy is loving and taking good care of your dog. These cute, sometimes fluffy, dog(s) light up your world, so the least you can do is to take proper care of them.

Being givers, your dog gives you enough attention and companionship. Fine, they might be a little stubborn once in a while; taking that turkey drumstick off the table or turning your shoes to a chew toy. However, they never nag, and their entire world revolves around you. Plus, they never have a bad day. Interesting, isn’t it?

Since they give you all the companionship you could ask for, taking care of these dogs should come easy for you as well. However, that can turn out to be a complicated mess; you need an online retailer for something. This is where Dogswagi comes in.

Who Are We?

Dogswagi gives you the pet experience like no other. Working with some of the top brands in the business, we have been able to build an online store that caters to the wellness of your dogs. How? Well, we give you access to exclusive and quality dog accessories at the best prices on the market.

As a leading online store for dog accessories, we value suggestions, recommendations, and opinion from our wide range of clients. Hence, we are open to taking ideas from our customers. We always listen so that we can satisfy your needs and whims.

Our Team

As a veteran owned business, we’ve built a team of dog owners and enthusiasts that have spent time studying pets. Our team has also spent time getting guidance, commendations, and recommendations from different experts to truly understand how to take care of dogs properly. We pride ourselves in providing the best dog accessories and supplies to our clients at very affordable prices.

Are you looking for quality dog supplies? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Dogswagi, we have all the accessories you need to show love to your pets. You can trust us to handle all your dog needs. We deliver the best service that you deserve.

So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you go through our catalog and get your dog something? You definitely want to do that before your dog discovers how to write. You are surely going to get a judgmental note.


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